Oysters on the Half Shell

Oysters change daily and to please call for todays oysters.


Jumbo Gulf Shrimp

Crisp chilled, House-made Cocktail Sauce.
$  1.50 each

Oyster Shooter

Fresh Oyster Half Shell in a spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail shot with Absolut Citron.
$  6.00 each

Rhode Island Top Neck Clams

Rhode Islands famous, Meaty, on the half shell & well chilled, served with zesty Cocktail sauce.
$  1.60 each


Steamed Clams

One dozen Rhode Island Little necks-warm melted Butter.
$  11.95

Clams Casino

Rhode Island Top Necks baked with sautéed Red & Green Bell Peppers, Onions, Smoked Bacon.
$  2.25 each

Oyster Rockefeller

Baked with Spinach Cream Sauce topping.
$  3.50 each

Oyster Casino

Shucked to order - Classic Casino topping, baked.
$  3.40 each

Oyster Stew

Prepared to order with fresh Oysters, Cream & Butter.
$  7.50 $4.95 - Cup

Thai Red Curry Mussels

Fresh cultured Prince Edward Island Mussels, steamed in Thai Red Curry, White Wine & fresh Lime Juice broth with Cilantro & Basil. Toasted Garlic Bread.
$  10.95

Wine Garlic Clams

½ dozen Rhode Island Little necks, in White Wine& Garlic Butter.
$  9.95


Bongo Bongo Dip

Our own creation! Hot Spinach dip, melted Cheddar Cheese, and toasted Garlic Bread.
$  10.95

Maryland Crabcake

House made with fresh Maryland Back Fin Crab meat. House made Tartar or Cocktail sauce.
$  8.95

Buffalo Wings

Freshly prepared with BJ's Bleu Cheese Dressing & Celery sticks. Choose: Mild, Hot, BBQ or Garlic.
$  8.95 for 6 $14.95 for 12

Bj's Pulled Pork Nachos

Bj's slow smoked Pulled Pork BBQ, topped with our own smoked Baked Beans, Cheddar Cheese, fresh Pico de Gallo, Tortilla Chips.
$  13.95

Roman Fried Smoked Mozzarella

One Quarter pound Fresh Fior Di Latte Mozzarella, Smoked in house, hand sliced and breaded. Our own Marinara Sauce. Shareable.
$  9.95

Premium Domestic Calamari

Sourced from the cold waters off the coast of Rhode Island. Breaded to order in our own seasoned Cornmeal & Flour. Prepared New England style with sautéed Cherry Peppers & Garlic.
$  10.95

Soup & Salads

French Bistro Onion Soup

Fresh stock, sweet caramelized Onions, French Bread Crouton, Imported Swiss Cave Aged Gruyere.
$  7.95

New England Clam Chowder

Prepared in-house with fresh Clams.
$  4.95 Cup $5.95 Bowl

Smokehouse Salad

Bacon, shredded Swiss Cheese, housemade Garlic Croutons, our own Sweet & Sour Dressing.
$  6.50

Caesar Salad

Hearts of baby Romaine tossed in house-made dressing, imported Italian Parmigiano Reggiano, housemade Garlic Croutons. Anchovies on request.
$  6.50

Crisp Iceberg Wedge

Our own Bleu Cheese dressing, Tomatoes, Bacon, & Red Onion.
$  6.50

Chicago Steak Salad

Chairman's Reserve Sirloin, French Fries, Cheddar Cheese, hard boiled Eggs, Onions, Tomatoes, house Sweet & Sour Dressing.
$  17.95


Salted Baked Potato

French Fries

Southern Sweet Mashed Potatoes

Fresh Steamed Broccoli

Fresh Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

Burgers are fresh ground daily, with Chairman's reserve chuck, brisket and sirloin.  Served with french fries.


New York Cheddar

Three year cave-aged Cheddar. French Fries.
$  12.95 $1.50 Add Apple wood smoked Bacon

BJ's Bleu Cheese

House made Bleu Cheese Dressing and Apple wood smoked Bacon.
$  13.95


Fresh Avocado. Apple wood smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Mustard- Mayo sauce.
$  14.95

Bongo Bongo Burger

BJ's Bongo Bongo Dip & melted Cheddar Cheese.
$  12.95


Kansas City Pulled Pork BBQ

Slow smoked in-house for 18 hours, hand pulled and tossed in BJ's BBQ Sauce. Coleslaw.
$  12.95

Chicago Steak Sandwich

Elite Black Angus Sirloin with our Chicago Steakhouse seasoning, spicy Salsa Spread.
$  14.95

Bongo Chicken Sandwich

Fresh Broiled Chicken Breast topped with Bongo Bongo Dip and melted Cheddar.
$  12.95

Fresh Seafood and Chicken Entrees. We also offer daily Chef's Specials.


New Bedford Scallops & Pasta

Fresh New England dry packed Sea Scallops, pan seared in Olive Oil and Butter, over house made fresh Linguine.
$  22.95

Twin Broiled Maryland Crabcakes

House-made with fresh rich Maryland Back Fin Crabmeat, house -made Tartar and Cocktail sauce, fresh cut French Fries and Coleslaw.
$  19.95

Tavern Ribs

Meaty St. Louis Ribs, dry rubbed, slow smoked over Pennsylvania Hardwoon, Basted with BJ’s BBQ Sauce, French Fries and Coleslaw.
$  18.95

Bongo Bongo Chicken

Char-grilled boneless Chicken Breast topped with Bongo Bongo Dip and melted Cheddar Cheese. Fresh steamed Broccoli.
$  17.95

Twin Lobster Tails

The very BEST! Sweet and Succulent South African Cold Water Tails. Choice of Salad and Side Dish.
$  44.95

USDA Upper Choice Chairman's Reserve Sirloin, Seasoned with Chicago Steakhouse Seasoning.


6 oz. Chicago Sirloin

USDA Upper Choice Chairman's Reserve Sirloin, French Fries, Salad choice
$  18.95

12oz Chicago Sirloin

USDA Upper Choice Chairman's Reserve Sirloin, French Fries, Salad choice
$  24.95

Chicago Steak Combinations

6 oz Chicago Steak, French Fries, Salad choice and a choice of one of the following: Roasted Shrimp, New Bedford Pan Seared Scallops, Maryland Back Fin Crabcake, Bongo Bongo Chicken Breast, Tavern Ribs.
$  25.95

Filet Mignon

Chairman's Reserve Premium Upper Tier USDA Choice, oz center cut Tenderloin, French Fries, Salad choice.
$  29.95

Surf & Turf

Fresh hand-cut 6 oz Filet and 5 oz Lobster Tail. Choice of Salad and Side Dish.
$  44.95

16 oz. Ribeye

Premium Angus USDA Upper choice, cut in house, French Fries & Salad Choice.
$  29.95

USDA Upper Choice Chairman's Reserve Sirloin, Seasoned with Chicago Steakhouse Seasoning.

Steak Combos

Steak & Rib

USDA Upper Choice Steak, Meaty St Louis Ribs, Salt Baked Potato, Salad Choice
$  28.95

Steak & Cake

USDA Upper Choice Steak, Broiled Maryland Crabcake, Salt Baked Potato, Salad Choice
$  24.95

Steak & Scallops

USDA Upper Choice Steak,New Bedford dry packed seared Scallops, Salt Baked Potato, Salad Choice
$  26.95

Steak & Bongo Bongo Chicken

USDA Upper Choice Steak, boneless chicken breast, topped with Bongo Bongo dip and melted Cheddar cheese, Salt Baked Potato, Salad Choice
$  24.95